Wednesday, February 2, 2011

‘Hats and wigs’ birthday bash for Preity Zinta and Amrita Arora

Two beautiful Bollywood ladies share their birthdays on the same day- January 31. While Amrita Rao threw a theme party of ‘Wigs and Hats’ on Jnauary 30th night, she had Preity Zinta as her surprise guest. The two Aquarian girls even cut a cake together.

Says Preity, “Amrita is a really really sweet girl and she has been inviting me every year for us to celebrate our birthday together. This year I said I had to go. Besides it was a theme party…wigs and hats. And I love hats. I’m a very hat person. So I went in one of my favourite hats. Thank God I didn’t wear the big blonde wig as I was planning to because the whole industry was there. How would I’ve looked?”

Preity turns 33 this year and says that constant reference to her age by media irritates her. With her cricket deal finalized just a few days back, Preity was in a series of meetings on the eve of her birthday. However, on her birthday she relaxed at home watching a DVD, resting and sleeping

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